Friday, July 3, 2015


I just don't know where my time goes, but it flies by way to quickly.  This post is of my garden before the drought really set in and before we were on water restrictions.  Now it looks so bad that I won't even show you pictures of it.  Just trying to keep everything alive.  I could care less about the grass - it can die, but not my roses and flowers.

These roses are on the back side of  the house and are such a pretty color.  They give me lots of

This rose smells so good, just like the old fashion roses.

This bed is by the fence so I worked it and put in Sunflowers and Hollyhocks with some little daisy's.

This is what it looks like now.  The one Sunflower had a big flower at the top and more are coming on the sides.
My vegetables which did good at first, but now most of the tomatoes are pitiful.

A few of my herbs that I keep on a stand so the dogs don't go digging around looking for lizards.

My garden bench out in the veggie garden.

Some more of my roses ..... and flowers in the back yard.

The Iris's did terrible not many blooms at all.  Some of the plants did not produce blooms at all.  What a disappointment.

My Daisy patch in the front yard.

See how pitiful my hydrangeas are.  I was so disappointed as I wait all year for them to bloom. 

One thing I can count on are my sweet little Hummers.  Always there to greet me everyday and waiting for me to fill up their feeders.

Now the Golden Finches are eating out of the Hummingbird feeders.  This is the female - not so pretty, but the male, WOW he is beautiful.  I can never get a pictures of him - guess he is shy.

My little Hummer is looking at the Finch  and saying "Are you crazy, this is ours"

Many of your probably already know that Julie and I met while she was out in California on vacation.
She is Julie from Julies Lifestyle.  What a lovely person she is - so kind and sweet.  We had a grand time eating out on the upper patio at the Cheesecake Factory.  We had Shelia's Salad, which was excellent.  If your ever at a Cheesecake Factory get that salad, but don't get the regular one.  We got the smaller one and could hardly eat all of that.  We passed on the Cheesecake when we found out that there were 1,500 carbs in one slice.  But it sure looked GOOD.

Here we are, a little wind blown, but oh such fun.....

Here is a little tablescape that Zoie and I put together for the Fourth of July.  I have been watching her as her grandma was out of town taking care of a friend that has cancer.  Zoie is 10 years old and is a delightful little girl and very Fashionable. 
We had so much fun shopping for 4th of July decorations for the table.  She was a big help.

A place setting using a lot of dishes and decorations that I've had.  The napkins are from the 99 Cent  Store and are T towels.

See the Coasters on the table - Julie gifted me them and they are red, white and blue and an American flag.  I just love them - thank you again Julie.

Here is Mr. Liberty gracing the center of the table.  Got him last year at Michael's with a 40% discount coupon and did a Happy Dance all the way out the store.

Excuse the picture as I was trying to show you how these sicks light up - from the Dollar Tree and they are really cool.

Zoie and I put together this Sweet Table.  Red, White and Blue Jelly Beans,  Red Hots, 4th of July cookies and Peppermint Sticks.

Waldo was in the way, so we had to step over him the whole time we were decorating the table.  He does not do well with Fireworks.  I have to tranquilize him, or he gets really up set.  He looks like he is stoned.

Just a few flags on the front porch along with a red throw.

My wreath on the front door.

Sorry this is such a long post, but I'm having fun "Living My Life" and doing fun things.  I'm not letting any grass grow under my feet.

Waldo, Lili and I wish all of you a very wonderful Happy 4th of July.


I do love all the comments and try to answer them all.

Monday, May 4, 2015



A few roses that I picked from the garden before the heat wave hit. So I could make some bouquets for the house.

I just love this rose, it's my 99 cent one and a favorite.

I always put a fresh bouquet in the guest bathroom to perk it up a little.  These are few bouquets that I made up just before the 90 degree weather hit last week.

Now on to the back yard when my nasturtiums where in bloom and taking over the entire garden.  They have since been removed and making way for my new plants.

Lili watching me, she wouldn't come out as she does not like the hose being on and will sit by the slider watching me.  I know what she is thinking "now what is that woman up to".

I found this picture at Home Goods and I just had to have it to go with the rest of my rooster pictures.  Love the old house and fence.  It must be fall as there are hardly any leaves on the tree.

Found these canisters at Home Goods also - need a little change in the kitchen.

I have been cleaning out my closets and in a box I found some very old books over 100 years old that belonged to my Aunt-in-law.  This was the best I could do with the pictures.

This was given to Aunt Alice from her father for Christmas in 1910.

Isn't the writing beautiful.  The younger children now cannot write at all.  They should bring penmanship back into the classrooms.  Such a lovely book of poems and sayings. - A beautiful treasure.

One of my new chandlers from a friend.  She was remodeling and didn't need it anymore so I got lucky.  It is from Pottery Barn and goes with my French Country.

This is also from my friend and has so many pretty sparkles on it and it is from Lamps Are Us.

This is the Garden Guest Room, which I did for my granddaughter as she loves flowers as much as her grandmother does.

This was in the guest room. but I had it moved to the entrance hallway.  I found this one at a garage sale.

Looking out to the front yard and you can see my roses and iris's in bloom.  They don't look so good now with all the heat we have had and less water.

Notice how dry the ground is and this is after watering.  I have to lay down more mulch to keep it damp.

More roses in the front yard.

My white hydrangeas getting ready to bloom - can hardly wait to cut some and bring them into the house.

Some of my David Austin roses - they always smell so good.

This is Kevin, the little 10 year old that I pick up from school.  Wow he is so smart and he keeps me on my toes.  He is not giving up his water as he is looking for bugs and lizards.

This sunflower is compliments from the birds.  Growing up between the cracks of the pavers.  It was as big as a dinner plate.  Thank you birds.

Waldo keeping an eye on me.  He lets me know when we need to go into the yard for watering and picking up stuff.  Won't leave me alone, but as soon as I put on my red crock shoes he is at the door ready to go and help.

Some of my geraniums in bloom.

My garden angels guarding my flowers.

My St Patrick rose.  When it's a bud it's green and then as it opens up it turns yellow.

I see that Lili has ventured out on the patio, but keeping a sharp eye on me to be sure that I don't turn the water on.  LOL  She is so funny.

Waldo chewing on one of his bones along with his babies by his side's.  You would think that a boy dog wouldn't care about stuffed animals, but he sure loves all of the them and Lili could care less.  Has one on each side of him.

I took this picture in the house looking out the dining room window and my little friend came right up to the window to say hello.  I have about 20 of them that live at my house and I have to refill  3 feeders every other day.  Seems like all I do is make them their sugar water and boy do they let me know if they are empty.

Can you see the 5 hummers eating - I can sit for hours at the dining room table and watch them.

Sorry this is such a long post, but I just had so much to show you as I am afraid that it won't look like this very long.  So many years of hard work in the garden.

Waldo, Lili and I hope that you will leave a comment as I read them all.


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