Friday, March 15, 2013


Well I finally got my Easter stuff out of the garage (gee what a nightmare) and bunnies were coming out of my ears.
I painted all this statuary about 15 years ago when I was into my statuary painting mode.
I was hoping that someday I would have a grand daughter and she would just LOVE these. My dining area is open to my living room you can see my RED Couch .

Gee I hope you love my dishes, they are about 100 years old and I purchased them from a older lady and I that I worked with in Peoria, Ill when I was a bushing bride. I purchased them for $50.00.  They are Haviland Bone China and let me tell you getting them out of lower cupboard was something to behold.
These cute little butter dishes, don't they look like cake domes this close up, but they are individual butter dishes.
Look at these pretty napkins, they are from Marshalls about 4 years ago.  They match the place mats and
don't they look perfect with these pastels Easter colors.
Doesn't my table look so cute with all the egg cottages, bunnies and chicks?  It was especially fun doing my little Easter trees.
I bought this Silverware 40 years ago from Pennys.  I guess I got a good deal because I still have it and it is in great shape.  Does anyone know the pattern?

This is a close up of my china tea cup and it is paper thin. Amazing that it has not chipped.

You can see the three different pieces with the scalloped edges.  Wow you are probably thinking this is a lot of pictures and a long post, just bear with me as it's only my third post.
Oh my goodness this little bunny just hopped into this dish and he wondered how he got  there.

This is a close up of my pretty swirly water and champagne pink glasses . I have had these about 20 years from Thrifty Drug Stores, I just love the pretty pink color.
This is another view of Bunnyville Manor.  I am getting pretty good with this camera work, don't you think?

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed your visit.  I can sure appreciate the work all of you do on your tablescapes, wow there is a lot to do,  but it is also a lot of fun and I enjoyed creating this table for you.  Hope you leave a comment so I know you are there.joining  astrolethrulife astrollthrulife.net  betweennapson the porch