Thursday, August 6, 2015


What a whirl wind couple of weeks.  I turned 80 on July 26th and the luncheons and parties began on the July 21st.  My girl friend took me to lunch at the Olive Garden Restaurant.  We had such a good time talking and eating and talking.  Lupe had to go back to work and I, being retired went to the Mall which is in the same area as Olive Garden to pick up a few items for my trip.  My son sent me tickets to San Jose, CA for 5 days.

Then on Wednesday, my friend Jesse stopped by with a present for me, but couldn't stay.  A great gift, but to big So back to the store when I get back.

Wednesday, it was off to the store to get food items for my house sitter.  Her Birthday was on the 28th.  So we went to a Mexican Restaurant for their buffet, which by the way was wonderful.  That was my present to her for her Bday.

The big day arrived to leave for up North.  My son picked me up at the airport and then it was non stop until I got back on the plane to come home.

Friday night, Shaun had plans to go to a concert, so he got take out for Kelly and I. We had Chinese Food, as poor Kelly had just had her braces put on and she was not eating much.

Saturday, he made a nice Breakfast, we showered and got ready for a day of shopping.  First was Michael's, then to Chili's Restaurant for lunch.  After lunch we walked over to World Market to get candles, etc.  Finally got home.  He had invited a few friends over for dinner.  He would not let me help him do one thing.  I was waited on hand and foot.  The dinner was wonderful.  We had got into the habit of playing Uno after dinner.  So the games were on - we had such a good time, sitting out on the patio playing and laughing.

Sunday, the BIG DAY had arrived.  We went and looked at a Senior Retirement Home in Santa Clara.  He really wants me to move up there, but I am not ready to make that move.  Looked like a very nice place, but they allowed smoking and I could hardly wait to get out of there.  The first words out of Kelly's and Shaun's mouth was, your not living there!  I had to agree with them.

Shaun made my favorite dinner - Fred's Steak, with creamed corn, grilled vegetables, salad and a Birthday Cake.  My former boss lives up in that area and he came for dinner and we had such a good time.  Of course after dinner the games were on - Uno and Apples to Apples.

My son being silly and talking to my friend.

Monday, Shaun had to work from home and Kelly went with her baby sitter for half a day, so I could relax and finish my book.  So Skittles, my grand-dog and I enjoyed each others company.

Monday night it was a big Spaghetti and Meatball dinner with salad.  I ate enough food to last me a month.  Again, Uno games.

On Tuesday Kelly and Shaun getting her ready to go to Santa Cruz Beach for the day.  Cutting up watermelon as it is easy for her to eat with her new braces.

th he

Kelly is growing up way to fast and is turning into a really sweet young lady.  She makes a lot of her own clothes - will be 13 in October.

Tuesday Shaun had to go to Santana Row to pick up something he needed. So he decided that we would have lunch at the West Bank French Restaurant.  This is the side where you can eat out, however it was to hot to eat out doors.

After lunch Shaun said wait and I'll go get the car.  So while he was gone I snapped these pictures.

The flowers were so pretty in the big planters - all up and down the street.  Seems like they haven't any problem with watering theirs.

This was looking at the front of the West Bank.

Santana Row is like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  All the top name stores are there.  I wished that I had time to do a little shopping and I am sure it would a little at the prices they were charging.

I could hardly wait to get home and see my dogs and sleep in my own bed.  Those hide-a-beds are murder on the back.  Needless to say, I came home sick with some kind of intestinal infection and did not feel good the entire time I was up there, but didn't want them to know, or he would have had me at the Emergency Room LOL

Friday, the group that I have dinner with every couple of months wanted to celebrate my Birthday on the 24th, but I had to change the date as I was going up north.  So we celebrated my July 31st.  We had a Pizza Party and everyone brought something.  It was such a fun evening seeing all the people I used to work with.  We have stayed in touch for the last 10 years.

The gang getting ready to get Pizza and food.

Kelly my Marketing Manager when I worked for Amada America.

On Tuesday of this week, my very best friend Phyllis from Around the House, took me shopping for my present and then we went to the Lazy Dog Restaurant.  You can bring your dogs, but you are eating on the patio.  There were three groups of customers with their dogs.  The temperature was 90 degrees outside, but was very pleasant on the patio a nice breeze blowing.  This is close to the Brea Mall.  We each had a order of Wings and shared a Salad and lots of Ice Tea.

After lunch it was off to Ross's.  My son gave me a gift card and it was burning a hole in my pocket LOL.  Found three great pair of pants for fall and a Betsy Johnson purse.  Then on to GW and I picked up two basket's.  I sure was tired when I got home, but a terrific day with my special friend. We have been friends for about 45 years, she is like a sister that I never had.

Wanted all of my blogging friends to share my events for the 80th Birthday celebrations.  Still have one more luncheon to go to next week.  I don't feel 80 and I'll keep on dancing ..........LOL  Silly me, I was enjoying my self so much that I forgot to take pictures.... on well, it's in my memories.


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