Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am so sorry to be so tardy in posting lately.  But a lot of things have been happening in my life.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea or maybe you will need a glass of wine as I am trying to bring you all up to date on all my activities.

My son and granddaughter came down for Christmas, which was wonderful and we had a great time.
However, I knew what subjects would be brought up while he was here.  "Mom you need to sell the house and move up close to me".  I will not move as long as I can't take my dogs.  If you can find a place for me and them, okay.  Kelly needs you, blab blab blab.  Now you know darn good and well that she is going to be 13 and she is busy with school, her friends and joint custody with her mother.

I have been mulling around about down sizing, selling the cottage and renting a Senior apartment with just one bedroom, but would I be happy.  It would mean I would have to find homes for my beloved dogs.  To someone that would spoil them like I do and keep them together.  Get rid of all my dishes, silver ware and linens as I would not be doing table scapes anymore.  Decisions, decisions and more decisions.  Would I be happy in an apartment with no garden to putter around in - no roses?
These are things we think of as we age.  It would mean moving to Northern California.  Of course I would be close to my son and granddaughter, but they are always so busy.  No friends to have lunch with and go shopping,  I wish that I had a magic wand that I could wave and have everything taken care of.  But I know that God will lead me to the right path.

Sorry this sounds like a pity party -  I have been going through stuff, de-cluttering, throwing and giving stuff away.  At least now I have a dish room LOL  I took a hall closet and turned it into my dish room.  Put two large shelves with some of my dishes.  Please excuse the coat hangers as I didn't realize they were there.

That's not all my dishes, I do have quite a few in the kitchen cubbards and in the garage.  But it's a start.  I never knew I had so much stuff until you start going through closets and cubbards.

See that beautiful weather vein Rooster on the table, he was one of my Christmas gifts from my dearest friend Phyllis.  Plus 6 salad plates with Mr. Rooster on them.  Isn't he elegant and proud.

I have been having some health issues with my blood.  Apparently I have Factor V, which means that my blood is to thick and therefore I developed blood clots.  Getting my blood to the right thinness has been a challenge.  To the lab for blood tests every week,  My poor arms.  But, we are on the right track now.   Life is good.

Also my lap top computer finally gave up and now I have 3 computers A new lap top and a regular computer with monitor and all the other stuff and of course the one that came over on the Mayflower.

Just a few of my pretty roses to share with you.

This morning I was walking around in my garden looking at all of God's beautiful flowers and I thought how beautiful everything is.  The flowers are growing like crazy and my veggies are planted.

For those of you that are waiting for Spring, I thought that you would like a look at some of my pretty roses that have been blooming.

My roses in the back yard are full of buds and are ready to explode in brilliant colors.  I have a few iris, and Calle Lily's blooming also. The front yard roses have already bloomed and have been deadheaded for new growth.

My iris have started blooming and they are so pretty.

Here is my garden helper, Waldo.  He is always by my side, rain or shine, cold or hot doing our chores in the back yard.  He is starting to get gray, just like his mom.  Lili would not come out and play as she is a Diva and doesn't like her feet to get wet.

There he is smelling the flowers and checking things out.

This is one of my most favorite roses and can you believe it came from the 99 Cent store.

These petunias are from last summer and because we have had no winter they are still going strong.  They are a pretty magenta color.

Just a few of my pots that I replanted this winter.  My herbs and Santa Barbara Daisy.

The nasturtiums have taken over the back yard.  I need to thin them out, however they do add color to the garden.

These are some of my most favorite roses.

I always pick flowers Sunday morning for bouquets to bring into the house.  This is just one of the ones I picked last week.

This is a very pretty rose also.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I promise to post more as so many of you have asked why I was not posting.

Have a wonderful Happy Spring and hopefully winter has finally gone to bed.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Waldo, Lili and I love reading your comments.


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