Friday, May 6, 2016


This is a very hard post for me to write - my dear sweet cousin is dying and only has days to live.  So I am looking to all of you wonderful blogging friends to say a prayer for Donna.  If it is her time, then I pray for a peaceful passing and if God sees fit to grant her a recovery then  it will be through prayers.

Donna is the daughter of my first cousin Nellie, who is like a sister to me.  We have been close all of our lives.  More so in the last 30 years.  Nellie has vacationed here with me in Southern CA for 6 months at a time, so Donna is like a granddaughter.  She is soft spoken, kind, sweet and would do anything in the world for you.  She loves roses and adored her Border Collies - was a true gardener.

They live in Buchanan, VA on a farm raising chickens, Border Collies, cows and a horse.  About 7 years ago she was involved in a car accident and hit her chest.  Later on she noticed a lump and went to the doctor, as most of her fathers family has died of cancer.  The doctor sent her to a specialist.  It wasn't cancer, but they felt it could become cancer later, due to the family history.  So they decided to take the lump out and give her 10 radiation treatments, just to be safe.  Some where along the process the 10 became 30 and really damaged her lungs. From that point on, she couldn't breath, had to have oxygen, medicine and the list goes on and on. She has so much scar tissue in her lungs that there is no room for oxygen.

I guess what I am trying to say is PLEASE all of you get a second opinion on any surgery that you need.

I feel that I need to share this with all of you, so you do not take the word of one doctor, after all they are human too, and do make mistakes.

I am sorry this is a sad post, but I do wish all of you a Very Happy Mothers Day.

Lots of hugs to you all for your prayers for Donna and her family, thank you.  It is in God hands now.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Mary Lou Heard's Garden Tour 2016

On Saturday, April 30th my friend and I went on, yes, another garden tour.  However, this one is probably the best one of all the garden tours I have ever been on.

Mary Lou Heard was a garden enthusiast, who loved gardening. This annual self-guided tour is hosted by real gardeners who generously consent to share their personal creations.

Those of us that knew Mary Lou sometimes forget that there are quite a few people who never had the pleasure of meeting her.  This woman was absolutely dedicated to gardening.  In 1985, Mary Lou opened Heard's Country Gardens.  Many years passed , until finally in the summer of 2002, Mary Lou had to close Heard's gardens.  I had met her on the many occasions that I traveled to her nursery.  She always had time to talk to you and explain any problems that you were experiencing in your own gardens.

In 1993 Mary Lou dreamed up a garden tour by and for real people, a tour for the rest of us, so a yearly event was born that brought out thousands of guests who gave generously to Mary Lou's charity, the Sheepfold.

Mary Lou died in September of 2002 of colon cancer.

The Mary Lou Heard Foundation: THE SHEEPFOLD  Supporting the people who provide hope and safe refuge for mothers and their children in crisis - one family at a time.

I only went to 6 gardens, there were 38 gardens over Saturday and Sunday.  We went on Saturday. The gardens that I researched were amazing.  Two of them were over the moon and I immediately fell in love with them.

So lets go on our tour.....

The first house was very lovely, beautiful Japanese Maples.  I only got a couple of pictures and my battery went DEAD.  The man of the house gave me directions to Target, so off we went.  No they didn't carry the Sony battery.  The young man was so nice he called Best Buy and YES, they had it, so off we went to get out battery.  he put into the camera and we were all set for the rest of the tour.

This home was in Cerritos, so off to another garden.........

We went the Anderson's home in Huntington Beach.  They purchased the home about 5 years ago and since then they have added fruit trees, vegetables, seating areas, etc.

Notice the cement sectional to the right of the picture - very unusual and nice.

The Red Hat ladies were there enjoying the tour.

Welcome to the Caverer's home.  They are blessed with a secluded location bordered by two channels of Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy and only one neighbor.

They pay the state of CA $1.00 per year for keeping up their little space in back of their property.

Welcoming front door.

Fireplace in the side patio area.  Lovely seating area.

Looking out to the wetlands past the fence.  Beautiful Knockout roses along the fence.

Notice the chairs and table setting out in the Wetland.  I am sure that it is a beautiful place to sit and watch the sunset.

Looking out to Pacific Ocean from channel.

Looking out to the wetlands.

This home and garden I really fell in love with.  The Ferree's have 3/4 acre of land.  It is tucked within, but not part of a condominium complex, this three quarter acre garden features trellises, gazebo, fountains, a pond, working full-size water wheel and irrefutable horticultural bliss.  This property was transformed from  a 1930-era working farm to a beautiful Colonial garden.

These roses grow across the entire front yard and are stunning.

Front entrance

Water wheel with pond.

Meet the girls, they were very friendly and wanted to be petted.

The girls chicken coup name - Fudd Cluckers - how cute....

The Green House

Garden Shed

Seating area in the Garden Shed

Yesterday, today and tomorrow plant.  Each day it changes color.

We had to go through the house to get to the back yard.  Very nice home.

Beautiful double wreath's on the double front doors.

Front patio area

This is the last home on the homes I selected and I only got a few pictures as the battery went dead again!
Walk way up to the front door - so many lovely plants.

Old window painted and put on garage wall - side walkway.

Sorry that the camera died.  This was a very lovely garden also.  I toured this last year and I try not to go to the same ones each year.  It is a lot of work for the home owners to have everything perfect for the tour.

Sorry that this was a long post.  Can you guess what garden was my number one pick?

My garden helpers and I thank you so much for stopping by and we hope that you will leave a comment.
I'm done with garden tours this year, unless I take a few of mine.

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