Monday, September 19, 2016


Sorry to have taken so long in between posts, but so much has been happening in my life, some good and some not so good.  Lots of health issues.

During the month of June I injured myself hoeing the garden and pulled my hip out of wack.  I was so scared that I needed a hip replacement, so off to the Doctor I went.  I could hardly walk and had to use a walker.  The Doctor was going to give me a steroid shot and when she pulled my shirt up, she exclaimed you have Shingles.  What.... I had the shot,  but, guess again one out of three will get it even with the shot, only not as bad.  I didn't feel anything and only a very small spot.  It was down hill from there.  We had a really hot spell in the 100's and didn't that kick up my COPD.  Along with the antibiotics I was given steroids.  I really hate them and it threw my system out and I couldn't get enough to eat.  I was down for almost three weeks with that.  Then my right shoulder and arm started acting up, back to the Doctor and another steroid shot.  I couldn't even use my computer.  But on to some pictures..........

My Fourth of July tablescape

My Liberty Rooster - he only comes out for 4th of July.

Shaun and Kelly came down on July 2nd, as Shaun was going deep sea fishing out of Newport Harbor for an overnight trip, so Kelly got to stay with grandma, yea.  We had a great time, lots of Uno games with Xeoie (across the street from me).  Kelly and I got her new Kicks, went to the movies and then out to a spaghetti dinner and then Sunday night I got Tony Roma's ribs, Red Robin fries and onion rings and corn on the cob.  For dessert we had strawberry short cake.  A good time was had by all.  

Sunday night Shaun arrived and picked up Kelly and they started home,

Kelly really had a great time going through my material.  I let her pick out whatever she wanted.  She took home a whole tub of material, Shaun just rolled his eyes when he saw it.  LOL

Went up to my son's for my Birthday  and really had a wonderful time.  Silly me took my camera, but forgot to take pictures.  However, I did get a couple of my granddaughter Kelly with Skittles.

I arrive on Sunday, and my son invited a couple friends for dinner.  Wonderful meal - smoked chicken and ribs, wow were they good.  Good conversation, dining al fresco.  Monday, we took Kelly to Horse Camp (this was her third week).  She is in love with horses and has a bank on her desk saving for a horse.  We then drove to Santa Cruz, CA which is on the Pacific and is a beach community looking for a home for me.  I am not moving but I humored him an played along.  He took me back to his home as he had to work from home.

Tuesday, he had to go to work and a friend that I worked with lives up in San Jose and he came and took me to lunch.  We had yummy Italian food and talked for hours.

Since this was my actual Birthday we went out to dinner at a very good local restaurant.  Kelly and I had cheese ravioli with Shrimp in a lovely lemon sauce.  Of course we had to have dessert, my favorite is bread pudding. oh my goodness it was amazing with sauce.

Kelly all dressed to go to Horse Camp - holding Skittles.

You almost see the horses being lead to where they are going to be ridden.

Wednesday, we dropped off Kelly at horse camp and Shaun took me to the airport and I flew home.  I must say I really missed my home and my terrific dogs.  They were so happy to see me.

Now we are into August and met some really good friends that I used to work with.  Michael and Terry are from Ohio so we had dinner with them.

The woman in the red blouse was my assistant and the other lady was my supervisor.

Elsie still works at Amada, but her husband has retired.

Not a great picture, Outback was full and lighting very bad.  This is Michael and Terry.

We really had a great time remembering all the hard work and fun times we had.

My friend Jessie took me to see Grease put on by a wonderful group of actors and actresses.  They really did an amazing job.  This was held at the Buena Park Senior Center, out under the stars.  My Birthday gift from her.  We had such fun evening.

This little trip is from Friday.

Here we are at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach.  Another Birthday trip (I like getting old LOL)
Just a few pictures we took there acting silly some of the time.  This picture is when you first go into the gardens.

Boy were those pumpkins expensive.

Look at those beautiful mums along with the amazing pumpkins.  All different colors,and shapes.

We are now entering the scarrrrrrrrrry part of Rogers Gardens.  This area was simply amazing.  All the things they though of, unbelievable.  I will let the picture speak for themselves.

A very scary Snow White.....

It was such a BIG clock that actually worked

Little Red Ridding Hood

Oh grandmother what BIG EYES you have............  the wolf growled

My friend Lupe taking a selfie....

Pretty fall tablescape

We went into the gift shop and some of it was closed due to decorating for Christmas.  The Christopher Radko Room was open and I believe it is always open with Christmas ornaments. Here are a few pictures from around that area.

Beautiful Santa's

This is the actual Radko room.  I believe the cheapest ornament starts at $25.00 on up into the hundreds.

These trees are stunning, all made from jewelry.

This tells all about the artist - beautiful workmanship.

By this time I was running out of steam, you know that I just turned 81 and it was time to have lunch.
Rogers Gardens opened up a terrific restaurant but were sold out, so we couldn't eat there, but it sure was lovely.

We ended up going to the El Torito for their brunch, which was very good.  I was sure tired when I got home, but what a beautiful day with a terrific friend.  So many wonderful memories were made.

Just a few pictures of my drought garden.

My beautiful Waldo, who is getting old but loves to be in my pictures.  This bush is the ones you see on the freeways here in So CA.  You can't kill them, but so pretty with their flowers.

Thank you all for stopping by and I am so sorry that this is such a long post.  Hope that you all  enjoyed it.

Hoping that you will leave comments as Waldo, Lili and I love reading them.


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