Tuesday, February 21, 2017



I do not know where January and February has gone too.

After putting all my Christmas decorations away (which took 2 weeks) I was kinda in a funk.  A very special friend died just before Christmas, went to bed and didn't wake up.  Gary was only 61 years old and I had worked with him at Amada America and had know him for 32 years.  With Christmas and New Years so close to his death they decided to do a Celebration of his Life in January, close to a Show so a lot of the sale personnel would be in town.  I went to the Celebration held in the Show Plaza at Amada.  It was a wonderful turn out and I got to see so many sales people that I had worked with for 20 years and had not seen in 11 years. It was a beautiful celebration and was bitter sweet.

 While I was there the President asked me to come to the show on the following Thursday.  So my assistant Ginger and I went.  What a reception we got from customers, co-workers and sales personnel - it was great and brought back so many memories.....

They had a wonderful buffet with so many good entrees and side dishes.  they also had a sushi bar, oh so good.

I was amazed on the wonderful renovations they did on the Show Plaza.  It was 60,000 sq feet of space displaying equipment.  When I worked there it was my responsibility to have the Show Plaza in mint condition with the latest equipment for the shows.  Oh how I wished they had renovated the show plaza when I worked there. No A/C- One can only dream.... Here are some of the pictures I took while I was there at the show.

I think that I shrunk... what do you think???

I know you think I am over stating the number of humming bird that I have, but look at these pictures.  When their feeders get low, they sure let me know.  I use about 25 lbs. of sugar a month making their food.  I have since cut back on their sugar and they don't seem to mind it. This goes on all day.  Refill their feeders daily.

I took s shot when we received hail, but it is hard to see.  Lots and lots of rain, but the garden sure loves it and the roses are dancing.  I have been able to pick a bouquet of roses each week and some of my Spring flowers are blooming early.  I noticed today while I was out looking  at my garden that my Cape Jasmine is ready to bloom and that normally blooms in April/May.  So everything is very early.  However, I did notice that my Mr. Lincoln rose bush has died.  I am not going to pull it up as maybe it will recover, I hope.

I have been cleaning out closets, OMG I didn't realize what a mess I had in there, but its going to GW.  Way to many dishes and dishes and dishes.  Guess what I got for Christmas, yes, your right, dishes for 12  Mary Englebret  and they are beautiful.  There are salad plates, dessert plates and small bowls.  No dinner plates, but I can use a white dinner plate to go with them.  Will do a post later.

Seems that I have very little energy due to my thyroid.  Need to increase medication.  Hopefully I will get more energy soon.  I sure fizzle out about 1 p.m. but, I should be thankful as I will be 82 in July.

February 3rd I went to a Chinese New Years Eve Party.  What a grand time I had.  There was so much good food and fun.  There we were tossing the salad with fresh Salmon on it.  It is to bring you good luck.  Then the food started - a 7 course meal with a big Anniversary Cake.  Tour America has been in business for 20 years.  Lovely woman- Gloria and her employees love her.

Then the two Dragons came along wanting you to put Red Envelopes into their mouth - that also brings you good luck.  The the Sake came with gold flecks in it - also bringing you good luck.  They gave everyone a red envelope with a brand new dollar bill in it - again wishing you good luck.....

My friends that I went with.  Most of the people that were in attance there customers.  We certainly had a wonderful evening.  Good food and friends.

As you know this is the year of the ROOSTER.

Had lunch with the owners of a bus company that I worked with after I was laid off from Amada.  I retired three times LOL.  Had a wonderful Italian lunch, since Tony is Italian and so is David.  After the bus company went back into hotels and then I retired for good.

Tony and Jill - great people.  Always call to go to lunch or dinner when they are in town.

My friend David that talked me into moving to Sunny Southern California

Well folks that's what is going on in my world.  Having lunch with a friend tomorrow, we worked together at Amada.  It's Soup and Salad at the Olive Garden......

Shaun and Kelly are having a ball skiing every weekend in Tahoe.  Shaun's girlfriend has a condo there.  Shaun says that Kelly is having a BLAST.

So you all can see that I am still kicking.  Going next week to see if I have to have heart surgery, so say a pray that I do't have to have the surgery and can keep on dancing...................

Mary, Waldo and Lili

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