Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Welcome to my garden look how pretty this rose is  - it's called Garden Party and the blooms are so big almost as big as a salad plate.

I don't remember the name of this rose but it has so many blooms and buds on it. Can you see the purple iris peaking out to the side her name is Betty and she pops out every year.

This is my Don Juan rose it always has so many blooms all year.  Do you think the name came from the real Don Juan since it has so many pretty little blossoms?
I hope you all are enjoying this tour of my gardens.

Just had to show you a couple of my iris's that I got at South Coast Plaza Garden Show a couple of years ago.  The colors on them are so unusual don't you think?

Now your never going to believe this but I got this rose at the 99 Cent Store and it is a Jackson and Perkins, but no name.  They look so pretty paired together with my purple iris.

These are one of my favorite roses a very pretty orange with light cream and they bloom and bloom and bloom.  Must be the good soil.  It just looks like a BIG ROSE PARTY.....

This rose is in my front yard with iris ready to bloom and my white saliva. 
They make a nice combination.

This is my sunflower bird bath where the birds love to take baths.  I can sit outside for hours and watch the birds and take in all the beautiful roses that God created.  Can you tell that my favorite flowers are ROSES  

This is one of my most favorite roses - St Patrick.  It starts out almost green and then turns into a beautiful yellow rose 

I have shown you just a little of my roses.  My garden is more on the Cottage Style with a lot of iris, calla lily's, foxgloves, daisy, Mexican primrose and love in the mist.

Well my little helpers decided they were pooped, had enough ,so they were getting ready for their afternoon nap. I think I will join them.
I hope you enjoyed  my brief garden tour and of course there will be more to come with all of my flowers changing with the seasons.

This is the first year after retirement that I have been able to devote myself to my garden and I am loving it. So please leave me a comment as I do read all of them.