Friday, July 21, 2017



WOW I really don't know where my time as gone too.  I think it is because we have had such HOT weather since April.  One month just blends into the next.  One thing for sure is I don't go out in the heat in the afternoon.

Just a little Memorial Day decorations that I still have left up and will keep it up until after Labor Day.  just didn't feel like deorating.

The next pictures are of my hydrangea's which are on the east and north side side of my house.

They are slowly coming back after many years of drought.  I really thought that I was going to lose them all.

These are my double day lily's.  They sure don't last long, I guess that is why they call them day lily's

Another one of my favorite flowers the Shasta Daisy

Just a few of my roses.  They have been dead headed and now the buds are coming out again.  As most of you know  I love my roses and have lost quite a few in the last 5 years of drought.

Just some more of the flowers that are in bloom in my garden.

My new purchase - a 50 inch flat screen television, I can sure see this one.  I purchased this one since I have rented one of my bedrooms to my new room mate Kris.  Kris had her own bed so that meant using the 3rd room as a bedroom.  I had made that bedroom into a small TV room.  So the day bed I sold, gave away a Queen Ann wing back chair and some small tables.  Now I have a guest bedroom.
It felt good to give things away and now I am on the path to reduce all my stuff including a lot of dishes.  I know my son when I pass he will have a big dumpster out front and everything will go into it.  But after 60 years of keeping house and not moving you sure can collect a lot of stuff.

To get back to my new room mate she is very nice, is 55 years old and is in marketing.  The dogs like her too

When Kris looked at the room, she liked the house, garden and area where I lived.  So when she said that she would take the room I wanted to give it a good sprucing up.

I arranged for a friends grandson to help me paint the window trim, re-screen some of the screens, move my bed out and the pictures she didn't want.  Kris also wanted a different dresser.  Steve started out good and after one week he just didn't come back, no call or anything.  Well being 82 on Wednesday, it really stressed me out.  My friend Teryl said no worries I will help you get the room ready.  By this time I am really stressed to the max.  Anything that could go wrong did, but we finally got it all put together.  I had my housekeeper do a deep cleaning and it turned out terrific.

That young man will never set foot on my property again.

With all this hot weather and fires all around us it is very bad for people who have problems breathing, so I stay in a lot and needless to say my garden should look better than it does.

I have to brag about my granddaughter, Kelly.  She was awarded a special metal for three years of straight "A"'s in middle school and she made varsity cheer leading. in high school - I am so proud of her.

As you all know that I have 2 dogs, Waldo and Lili.  Neither one of them likes to go outside when it gets hot and love, love, love when the A/C goes on.  Waldo will stay outside with me when I do my chores in the morning, but as soon as they are completed he is ready to come back in.

I have to move again, really  the look I got - to funny.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope that you will leave  a comment.  Enjoy your summer.

Mary, Waldo and Lili