Monday, March 26, 2018



I am afraid that I have been amiss in posting and the only excuse I have is that my COPD raised it's ugly head and knocked me for a loop.  With the extreme heat, fires, Santa Ana winds and ash, it really bothered me.  But on to a few things I was up to.

This beautiful bouquet arrived the end of July for my Birthday from my sons girl friend.  She is a lovely woman and I hope they marry.

Shaun and Kim came down, took me to dinner and we visited for a while.  They were off to Newport Beach to spend the night and then the next day to San Diego.  Shaun put Kim on a plane to go home and he went out deep sea fishing. Always glad to see them.

BBQ with a few of my friends that I worked with at Amada.  We try to get together every few months.

Only two of the guys came and they were busy getting the BBQ ready.

My best friend Phyllis from Around Our House with her husband, Michael and Andrea who just graduated from college.  Andrea got her Masters Degree in Metal Health.  We had a great time.

Little Robin Rae on her first Birthday party in the park.  She is the granddaughter of the girl, Ginger who worked with me at Amada.  We have remained friends all these years.

Just a few pictures of my flowers that didn't do well with all the extreme heat we had this past summer.

Paper Whites

One of my lavender bushes

One of my favorite roses.

My room mate Kris and friend Teryl helped me decorate for Fall

Dining room table center piece

My new fall pillows which I found at Walmart

Now on to Christmas.............

My Candy and cookie tree in the dining room

Working on living room tree, only took me 3 days - had to rest alot.  Lili taking a nap by the tree, she like to look at it.

My snowmen display.

Shaun preparing for our Christmas dinner.

Skittles hoping that Shaun will drop something.

Kelly taking lessons at the horse ranch where she trains

Some of Kelly collection of Nutcracker and some I used for the center piece at dinner.

Kelly and Skittles opening presents

How cute is she?

Finished Christmas tree

My new chicken Christmas  ornament from Kelly

Well that's all for now, sorry this was such a long post.  Hopefully will have another one soon of my Spring flowers.

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter.